north carolina heat can kill you

hey this is another scolionophobia random quiz.. this is a f---in awesome quiz.. if your not a gotoquizzer... ill EAT YOUR FLESH!!ALL the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run.outrun my gun all the other kids with the pumped up kick better run better run.. faster than my bullets!

we are the mother f---in flap jacks on RAGE!! im a evil little muffin and i will find out where you live..i have a house in the north and south of the usa..

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. its so hot..i really am thirsty
  2. i once read this book about this lady who was being starved and couldnt get water at all and the lady went crazy
  3. it got so bad she stabbed herself and drunk her own blood
  4. and to solve hr hunger she attempted to eat pillows and chairs and.. all that other good stuff
  5. then she died..
  6. u was thinking before i would have snuck around and drunk faucet water and all that crap im not used to but...
  7. this was in medevil times so.. they probabily didnt even have faucets
  8. lol. guy1:maybe you got grounded twice this week guy2:maybe you had to mow the lawn twice today because you didnt do it right the first time guy three:girlfriend dumped your ass guy4:dont worry about it..cause life goes on
  9. ummm im a dude shes a dude hes a dude cause we're all dudes
  10. im the... EYE OF THE TIGER!!!
  11. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop..the world will nevr know
  12. why am i making this quiz.. the world will never know *man stands up in back* man:i know *crowd shocked* security guard:*shoots man* security guard:anyone else? crowd:no...

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