Nonsense is the meaning of oranges

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You can photograph your enemies’ mirror while calling grandma a turkey waterfall. Mining Potato ore is illegal in various parts of Indonesia and on Pluto (the dog, not the ice cream). I’m sure that glowing octopuses like it when you blowtorch them, until you cross the equator.

Idk what to write here have fun. Why does this have to be so long. Probably less then half of you are actually going to read to this part of the paragraph.

Created by: EnferCat7757
  1. Did granny pickle eat the table dust off her toenail clippings?
  2. Panty loafers don’t destroy your love
  3. Does tiger taser lick on the burrito hurricane?
  4. How well did Annie lick the herbs on Jupiter?
  5. The man with the tree shaped Doritos never liked to smelt coca-cola
  6. This is the last time I’m asking for starter librarian nostrils
  7. Alas, I have tricked you into feeding the Pink curtains
  8. Why doesn’t babysitters know how to bubble shoot?
  9. Hmghhghfgjfjgjhjhyjyggkukuhiiuikgulyughkug
  10. Sorry about yesterday, my brain left for my calico moose
  11. Flying gorillas aren’t allowed to ride hot air balloons because they’re too skinny
  12. This is the end, I hope this made you laugh :3

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