No-Homo Approval Pass James Charles Approved

The No-Homo Pass, the pass that allows you to do any homo thing without you being homo but, remember this, consent isn't real and it will never be real.

So if you pass this quiz you basically get the No-Homo pass but if you don't, don't pretend to have it, the dangers of pretending to have it are horrible and can kill.

Created by: dankman123

  1. Do you like men?
  2. Is your dad currently alive and if he is, did he leave for milk at any point in your life?
  3. Are you currently in a relationship with someone?
  4. Have you obtained the N-Word pass?
  5. Are you currently living with your mother?
  6. What is the correct answer
  7. Is your uncle currently nearby by you and if he is, does he invite you to his house a lot
  8. Who is Better?
  9. If you get invited to a male only birthday party do you go?
  10. Are you happy with life as it is right now?
  11. Normal stuff or Hentai
  12. Do you believe in consent?
  13. What is the Answer to this Math question, What is 9+40
  14. last Question, does hentai appeal to your liking?

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