Do You Know Your Classic Bluegrass? (HARD)

Many people claim to know the history of Bluegrass music, but most have little knowledge about the music. Are you one of these people, or do you think you can pass this quiz and prove to be a real expert?

Give it a try and see what you know and what you don't. Are you a real expert on Bluegrass music? Well, now is your chance to find out! See if you can pass the true test!

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What famous duo were part of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys back in the mid 40s?
Don Reno & Red Smiley
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
Charlie & Ira Louvin
Carter & Ralph Stanley
When did the Stanley Brothers begin their career in recording music?
1946 / 1947
1951 / 1952
1955 / 1956
1958 / 1959
How would you describe Ralph Stanley's style?
Bluegrass with a Country mix
Old time mountain
Which set of fiddlers would you consider to be traditional Bluegrass?
Jim Van Cleve, Stuart Duncan, Skip Cherryholmes
G.B. Grayson, Jimmy McCarroll, Tommy Jarrell
Kenny Baker, Curly Ray Cline, Paul Warren
Who played mandolin and sung tenor for Flatt N' Scruggs during the 1950s?
Josh Graves
Curly Seckler
Jake Tullock
Jody Rainwater
When Curly Seckler left Flatt N' Scruggs for 1 year in 1951, who joined the group to fill his shoes?
Everett Lilly
Jim Williams
Charlie Nixon
Marty Stuart
Who sung lead vocals for Bill Monroe in 1949?
Lester Flatt
Carter Stanley
Mac Wiseman
John Duffy
In what month of 1966 did Carter Stanley die?
Who is considered The Father of Bluegrass Gospel Music?
Bill Monroe
Carl Story
Buzz Busby
Charlie Waller
How do you think Bluegrass performers should dress?
Suits & Ties
Plaid Shirts & Jeans
As Comforatable as they can
In what year did Bill Monroe sign with Decca Records?
Who did Allen Shelton work with?
Jim & Jesse
Reno & Smiley
The Stanley Brothers
The Country Gentlemen
"Let's Live For Tonight" was recorded in the 1950s by what famous duo?
The Stanley Brothers
Flatt N' Scruggs
Reno & Smiley
Buzz Busby & The Bayou Boys
Bill Monroe was born and raised in Rosine, Kentucky. What county is Rosine in?

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