How Bluegrass Are You?

Bluegrass music is an art form that has been around for decades, but has always held an underrated place in American music. It's fans are among the most loyal, active...and yes, maybe a little on the strange side (but we like it that way)!

Are you one of the few and proud who can honestly call yourself a bluegrass fan? Do you really think that you have what it takes? Take this quiz and find out just how "bluegrass" you really are!!!

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What is Bluegrass?
Any of several grasses (genus Poa) of which some have bluish green culms
A form of hillbilly music originating in the Appalachian region of the United States
Blue grass is two words, stupid!
Ohhh I don't know...only the BEST KINDA MUSIC in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
A banjo has...
five strings
three strings
a wierd ringy kinda sound that makes me think of Cracker Barrel...
You are at a bluegrass jam and a man takes out a harmonica and begins to play. You decide to...
Smile and try to figure out what key he is in.
Throw the harmonica on the ground and crush it under the heel of your Justin boot.
Poke his eye out with your fiddle bow.
Ask the person next to you if a he or she thinks it sounds good.
You're at a pickin' and you're hungry. After very little thought in the matter, you decide to...
Go get some Wendy's...there's one just south of us on 301 near Waldo
Three words...Miss Peggy's Camper
What's a pickin'?
Unwrap the baloney sandwich you brought from home just in case.
Nickel Creek is...
Incredible! Have you seen the guy that plays that mini guitar real fast? Oh man...
A very talented group...but not quite bluegrass, although I do enjoy them from time to time.
An abomination to the Bluegrass section at Wal Mart.
Some stream in North Carolina??? *crosses fingers*
This man pretty much invented Bluegrass music...
Hank Williams Sr.
Chuck Berry
M C Hammer
Bill Monroe
A band onstage asks if anyone has any requests. You respond...
Play Train 45 in B flat....wiiiiiiide open!!!
The fast one, the fast one! Play the fast one again!!!
Dueling Banjos! *whispers to neighbor* That's my favorite!
Do y'all know any Green Day?
A bowed stringed instrument having four strings tuned at intervals of a fifth and a usual range from G below middle C upward for more than 4 1/2 octaves and having a shallow body, shoulders at right angles to the neck, a fingerboard without frets, and a c
Ralph Stanley's brother was named...
You play a dobro with...
A slide and banjo picks
A flatpick
I don't know, but that guy from Blue Highway sounds AWESOME!
Isn't a dobro some kind of dog breed?

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