Do You Know What Real Bluegrass Is?

Many people like Bluegrass Music. But some may think Bluegrass is what isn't! It was created years ago, and has changed (just like all types of music).

See if you can take the quiz and tell the old from the new, the masters from the newcomers, and "real" Bluegrass from "new" Bluegrass! The challenge is all yours!

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What is Bluegrass Music?
A type of music that Hillbillies play
Music that originated on the west coast of the U.S.
Music from the Appalachian Mountains with a style created by Bill Monroe
A type of folk music created by hippies in the 60s
Who was the older brother of Bill Monroe (known in the 30s as The Monroe Brothers)?
In your opinion, which of the following bands perform the old time mountain style of Bluegrass?
Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
The Yonder Mountain Stringband
Nickel Creek
Mountain Heart
Who invented the "3 finger role" on the banjo?
Bela Fleck
Wade Mainer
J.E. Mainer
Earl Scruggs
Which of the following performers play the "cross-picking" style of guitar? (clue: Cross-picking is used in songs such as Rank Stranger)
Tony Rice, Richard Bennett, Uwe Kruger
George Shuffler, Junior Blankenship, James Alan Shelton
Red Smiley, Lester Flatt, Jim McReynolds
Of the following performers, which one would first come to your mind when you heard the word Bluegrass?
Bill Monroe
Allison Krauss
The Soggy Bottom Boys
Bela Fleck
Who is famous for "cross-picking" the mandolin?
Bill Monroe
What is cross-picking? hmmm
Dan Tyminski
Jesse McReynolds
Which of the following partners in Bluegrass had a band called The Tennessee Cut-Ups?
Jim & Jesse McReynolds
Ralph & Carter Stanley
Don Reno & Red Smiley
Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
What type of Bluegrass Music would you rather listen to? (Think Hard!!)
Old Time Mountain Style
Just to make sure... Who is The Father of Bluegrass Music?
Jimmy Martin
Don Reno
Bill Monroe
Ralph Stanley

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