NFL Historic Players

This is a quiz about football histry like some questiong are like this player played for which team and what team hasnty won a super and stuff like that so good luck with the quiz if you decide to take it.

I hope you do well on this quiz and rate it hoigh if you like and don't rate it att all if you hated it sorry about soe of the comentarys about the results some of them are mean but its ok right? Tell me its ok.

Created by: chris

  1. What team did willie brown play for?
  2. What team did troy aikman play for?
  3. Fred bilinicoff played what posistion?
  4. How many positions did sammy bough play and what were they?
  5. Who was supposedlythe greatest runningback of all time?
  6. I know this question isn't historic but who is the vikings 2 good runningbacks.
  7. Who win the first superbowl?
  8. John elway was on what team and how many superbowls did he win.
  9. What team was dan fouts on?
  10. What team has never won a superbowl?
  11. Who did earl cambell play for?

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