Newsroom food on election night

There seems to be two newsroom factions when it comes to company-provided food on election nights. This quiz was invented to help you determine which type of person you are -- the kind who appreciates great deadline comfort food, or the kind who likes potato salad.

Of course, any company-provided food is appreciated. But to maximize the value of the provided food, we want to ensure it is the food most people would enjoy. This quiz will help you determine what YOU like.

Created by: ydr

  1. When it comes to newsroom food on election nights, do you prefer ...
  2. How do you feel about cheese?
  3. When someone asks, "You want mayo on that?" you ...
  4. Of the options below, which is the best way to enjoy ham?
  5. When it comes to packaging, I prefer ...
  6. What's the best way to enjoy potatoes?
  7. How many cookies should we get?
  8. Which children's restaurant chain is more popular?
  9. You think anyone else wants some of this potato salad?
  10. If you were on death row, which of these options would you choose for your last meal?

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