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  • i just found out about this like ten minutes ago and now instead of being in love with just Leo, Trace, and Oliver, im in love with all of them now- grrrrrrr. Whoa, Stephanie was ... in love... used to... Leo.... Ok im serious, about : human or not, you still have human feelings, everyone does. And everybody is not entirely good or bad. So, i knew of that but i still wanted to defeat and kill Stephanie, but now... im not so sure. I know that i will still be waiting for the next part of survival and never forgotten. Now i must finish this melon juice , go tinkle as always, and read my precious books. (but be warned, i might have a romantic dream tonight because of this :3)

  • I'm stuck. Again! Jeez country you're too good at what you do :( I'm stuck between Leo and Christian now :/ reeeeeally good part!!!!

  • Loved it hurry up and make part 17

  • Post a new part please!!!!!!!

  • when the heck is part 17 coming??????


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