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Well, this quiz is from my actual class lecture, and I made it see if it would help me to retain the information. I would like to know if its as hard for you folks out there as it is for me!

Well, good luck with this quiz maybe you can give my neurology class some advice. These are standard questions from my neurology lecture so if you do well, we all should right?

Created by: Sara

  1. Is the statement the cerebellum has white matter on the outside and gray matter on the inside correct?
  2. What is the structure in the cerebellum that looks like a tree?
  3. What are the functions of the cerebellum?
  4. What is the function of the meninges?
  5. Which structure is the 2nd largest part of the brain?
  6. Where is the cerebellum located?
  7. What structure separates the cerebellum?
  8. How is the cerebellum connected to the brainstem?
  9. What structure connects the 2 hemispheres of the cerebellum
  10. What does each hemisphere of the cerebellum contain?
  11. what is the correct order of the 3 layers of the meninges?
  12. what is the correct definition for epidural space?
  13. What is the correct defintion for subdural space?
  14. What is the defintion for subarachnoid space?
  15. How many layers around the brain does the dura mater make?
  16. What does the dura mater help to form?
  17. How is the layer of the dura mater different around the spinal cord as comapred to the layer around the brain?
  18. where does the falxcerebri go in terms of direction?
  19. what does the falx cerebelli separate?
  20. what does the tentorium cerebelli spearate?
  21. What is the most important structure to be found in arachnoid mater
  22. what separates the arachnoid mater, what is it filled with, and why?
  23. subarachnoid space lies innermost to cerebrum and is filed with serous fluid
  24. how does the pia mater lie in relation to its layer?
  25. what is the pia mater directly attached to?
  26. what separates the pia mater from the arachnoid mater?
  27. What is cerebrospinal fluid made by?
  28. Choroid plexus is in all four ventricles of the brain. True or false?
  29. What is the total volume of cerebrospinal fluid?
  30. How is the spent CSF drained from the subarachnoid space?
  31. what is the correct order for the flow of cerebrospinal fluid?
  32. What is the spianl cord a continuation of?
  33. what is the end plate the spinal cord ends at?
  34. Whatis the tapered end of the spinal cord called?
  35. what vertebrae do the dura and arachnoid mater continue to?
  36. what does the pia mater connect and anchor to?
  37. what are the 2 enlargements of the spinal cord where nerves for upper and lower extremities begin?
  38. how many pairs of spinal nerves exit from the cord

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