Nature intelligence

There are many loving nature in this world Try this quiz to beat the best nature lover in this world.But it's ok if you score lower you can always come back and make the quiz

Ready for really hard questions of nature,I now you can try to beat me up! This questions are hard DONT SEARCH IN THE WEB you can also check my quiz [no urls] Good luck!

Created by: Franky
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's the animal that longest lives? DONT SEARCH IN THE WEB CHEATER
  2. Which of these two birds are mammals DONT SEARCH IN THE WEB CHEATER
  3. Are leopard geckos clean? Why? DONT SEARCH IN THE WEB CHEATER
  4. Can iguanas and leopard geckos meet?
  5. How do you know if crickets are female or male?
  6. Where do ants can be found?
  7. There was ever a pink dolphin?
  8. Do you think am a great Nature lover
  9. See a poisonous snake what you do!?
  10. If you love nature what color is right?

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