NARUTOKUN's Genin Test

There are many people wanting to be a genin, but only few will pass the test! This test has many questions from clans to villages! After you pass this test you are one step away from Chuunin!

So are YOU a Genin? Do YOU have what it takes? Do YOU Have enough knowledge of the naruto world? Well take this test and find out if you are genin material!

Created by: Rebecca

  1. What is the Lowest ninja rank?
  2. Which Character in naruto becomes a Kage?
  3. What is the Uchiha Clan known for?
  4. What is the Hyuuga Clan known for?
  5. What is the Kaguya Clan known for?
  6. What is the Akimichi Clan known for?
  7. What is the Inuzuka Clan known for?
  8. What is the Highest Ninja Rank?
  9. What Weapon do all Ninjas Carry?
  10. Which is not a Main Village?

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