naruto trivia

ther are millions of smart dudes in the hole world. but only a few geniuses in the world. and you, you are not a genius. im a genius and your'e stupid.

do you think you are a genious? Do you know any geniuses?yes you do. You know me. The smartest person ever.i hope you liked my quiz!i may even make a new one about me.

Created by: andrew

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  1. what colour do the akatski paint there nails?
  2. who is sasukes brother?
  3. what is narutos special jutsu?
  4. what is sasukes special jutsu?
  5. what is sealed inside of naruto?
  6. who sealed the nine tailed fox sprit inside of naruto?
  7. is sasuke gay?
  8. do you like naruto?
  9. what magazine has naruto and other anime in it?
  10. how many naruto books are there?
  11. did you like this quiz?

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