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Everybody has a different personality. Take this quiz to see who you are like in the Naruto series.anyone is possible just take the quiz and find out. about ten characters from the series and about half of them are good guys and half are bad. i even have people from the akastuki. Hope you do perfect!!!

You could get anybody: Garra, Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Itachi? anyone, you won't know until you take the actual quiz. if you get the person that you though you are then congratulations, but if not then don't get upset because everyone has a unique personality.

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  1. What is your ideal color of favorite? (and shade of that color)
  2. If you ran into a person that has done something horrible to you or the people around you, what would you do to the person?
  3. You and your teamates get a D-rank mission and one of the teamates complain. How will you react?
  4. after the mission you noticed that you have to achieve your goal sooner or later. how do you achieve that goal?
  5. what do you do if you are just finnished with a mission?
  6. your team a teacher talk and your teacher has one simple question for you. Do you know what chakara is?
  7. the reason why your teacher asked the chakara question is because you are going to be climbing trees. you fail, and then do what?
  8. after all the times you had in your village. you decided that you are not strong enough to defeat someone. who is it that you want to destroy or surpass?
  9. 2 and a half years later one of your teamates come back from training. what do you do next?
  10. how would you describe yourself?

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