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  • There is an error in this quiz!!! "Now my feet won't touch the ground" is definately from Life in Technicolor, which is not an option. Any true Coldplay fan would know that!

  • Your Score is 0%.

    Wow, you clearly know very little about Coldplay. If I were you, I'd blame it all on a rush of blood to the head. Except, you probably don't get that joke, do you?

    yaya im so happy cuz coldplay sux

    hip hop
  • I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets that I used to own. Dundundadada dundundadundun...

  • This quiz was inaccurate. Sorry!

    Fashion Lobster
  • I got a 50%. And I like Coldplay a lot. This quiz is bad, and Anna, you have a bad attitude, and I think you should be alittle more nice.

  • OMFG ''Now My feet won't touch the ground'' is in both life in techinocolour II AND Strawberry Swing. Get your facts right @pandaz and @hip hop....JUST DIE WILL YOU

  • 67%... I love Coldplay... :/


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