Name that REM Song

REM was a popular Alternative Rock band that was founded in Athens, Georgia, in 1980. They started becoming popular during that decade, before becoming very popular during the 1990s. Many of their songs are quite different from each other. Have you heard any of them?

Or have you heard most of them? Can you understand what Michael Stipe is singing, even in the early songs where the lyrics don't make sense? Have you even looked up any of their lyrics?

Created by: SoCalChevy

  1. "Way to shield the hated heat"
  2. "Here's a truck stop instead of Saint Peter's"
  3. "I know it might sound strange but I believe you'll be coming back before too long"
  4. "Your eyes are burning holes through me"
  5. "Another prop has occupied my time"
  6. "Example is the checker to the key"
  7. "You could get away from me"
  8. "I saw you strung up in a tree"
  9. "Fields of poppies, little pearls"
  10. "This song is here to keep you strong"
  11. "that the tree had lost its' middle, so he built a trunk of chicken wire"
  12. "You're beautiful, more beautiful than me"

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