"Dear Evan Hansen" Lyrics Quiz

"Dear Evan Hansen" is a Broadway musical that hit pretty big back when it first started. Although it's not as well-loved as Hamilton, it's pretty popular and if you clicked on this quiz, you probably know a decent bit about it.

But maybe you just came here out of nowhere or are getting quizzed by a friend. Either way, let's test to make sure you really know your stuff. Featuring every song, this might stump the casual listeners. Think you're ready for it? Let's go!

Created by: Animal Xpert

  1. Finish the Lyrics: "These letters are important, honey. They're going to help..."
  2. Finish the Lyrics: "I've learned to slam on the break before I even turn the key. Before I make the mistake; before I..."
  3. Finish the Lyrics: "There's nothing that we can't discuss, like girls we wish would notice us, but..."
  4. Finish the Lyrics: "Dear Evan Hansen, thanks for every note you send..."
  5. Finish the Lyrics: "I gave you the world, you threw it away, leaving these broken pieces behind you. Everything wasted..."
  6. Finish the Lyrics: "He said, there's nothing like..."
  7. Finish the Lyrics: "If you never get around to doing some..."
  8. Finish the Lyrics: "And oh, someone will come running, and I know..."
  9. Finish the Lyrics: "I thought we might play catch, or... I dunno. But he left it in the bag..."
  10. Finish the Lyrics: "I don't need you to sell me on reasons to want you. I don't need you..."
  11. Finish the Lyrics: "And you say what you need to say, and you play who you need to play. And if somebody's in your way..."
  12. Finish the lyrics: "I never had this kind of thing before. I never had the perfect girl who..."
  13. Finish the Lyrics: "I'll never forget how you sat up and said..."
  14. Finish the Lyrics: "All we see is sky, for..."
  15. Which Character Said This? "Have you been writing those letters to yourself? Dear Evan Hansen, this is gonna be a great day and here's why!"
  16. Which Character Said This? "I gave you the world, you threw it away, leaving these broken pieces behind you."
  17. Which Character Said This? "And he said: Whenever you were bored, you'd scribble stars on the cuffs of your jeans."
  18. How many songs are there in the musical?

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