Mythical Love (part 1)

Okay, this was my first story quiz. I decided not to go to sleep just to make this for you. And my mom is dropping my off at school at 7;00 and I am still up at 4:00.

Thank you if you like this series. Im gonna make atleast 35. Im not as thinkable as Firey Soul and Xxbluitxx who are my idols of gtq fame. I want you to comment and rate!

Created by: Dartistic
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  1. "New school year," you mutter to yourself. You wake up, and go look in your wardrobe. What do you wear?
  2. You went downstairs, just to look at the sight of your mom smoking outside with a messy appearance. You look the other way, and see a picture of your dad and you begin to weep. "If only cancer never existed," you whisper to yourself. Stomping noises come down tje stairs. It is your brother Jake. He gives you a hug. "I miss Dad too." You went out the back door to get to your bus stop with Andrew and Julie.
  3. You wiped your aged tears as you pack your stuff getring off the gate. Julie and Andrew see you. You try to wipe your tears but cannot contain them as you walk closer to them. Julie and Andrew see you crying as you stumble in your tracks. You kept sobbing and they come up to you hugging you. "Its gonna be okay, alright ____," Andrew says. You whisper, "I have the greatest friend in the world, how did I get so lucky?" Andrew chuckles at how happy you just got.
  4. ***TIME FORWARD*** School came by, and you were roam the halls as the three of you were 9th graders. Your mom never came to see you gradute last year. You shake your head forgetting about your mom. "Hey, ____, we have the next four classes together," said Julie. Julie and Anthony walk down to the Cafeteria. "Are you coming _____," said Andrew. "Yeah, be right there!" You walked down the corridor and bump into somebody causing you to stumble on the ground.
  5. "Sorry, are you okay?" A clear strong voice asks."I'm Greg," he says. He gives you his hand to pick up. "I'm ____," you reply. Greg has beautiful indigo eyes and brown hair with blond streaks.
  6. "So where are you headed?" "Down to the cafeteria with my friends," you reply. "Do you want to come and meet them?" "Sure," says Greg. You and Greg rush down to the cafeteria to see Anthony and Julie.
  7. "Hey Greg," says Andrew and Julie. "Uh, guys how do you know Greg?" "We met in class, " Andrew's voice got all squeaky. You knew they were hiding something and he knew something that you didnt. "Your my friends, please don't keep secrets fromme. I'm stressed enough about my mom and da-" you pause and leave them.
  8. ***GREG'S P.O.V.*** I saw ____ walking away muttering to herself. She looked sad. That cute face of hers got all droppy and gloomy. "Stay here, I'll find ______, " I said softly. Technically I knew. Andrew liked _____, a lot like I did but we never fought over her. She hadn't known I had been keeping guard of her for 5 years, she never noticed. She had already left. D*** she could run fast. I caught up to her, she was faster though.
  9. ***Your P.O.V.*** I saw the front door was the only exit. I looked back and saw Greg catching up to me. I opened the doors and sat down on the concrete ground. I looked up at the sky as rain drops poured down on me as I put my head on my knees to muffle my sobs. Somebody came out the door. "Greg," you whisper. He croutched down to where you were. "Aren't you worried you'll get wet," you ask. "_____, getting wet is worth seeing that pretty smile."He lifts up your chin. "____, you said something about your parents, tell me now, please, " he begs. "Tell me that secret first," you say. "Okay,____,fine, follow me." You follow Greg to the woods. "You swear you won't tell?" "I swear on my honor, Greg." He exhales and closes his eyes as his body starts glowing. His indigo eyes turn red and his brown with blond streaked hair turns to black with blue streaks and giant black demon wings pop out. "I-I," you stutter. You are speechless. Greg puts his hands over yours. "____,I have watched over you for 5 years, and you just now know today. Garett is my brother, obsessed with taking over your powers, you are the Celestial, a person who is a semi-immortal werewolf,demon,angel,and vampire.
  10. "___, tell me about your family now, I need to know." Greg begs again. You take in what he just told you. "Greg, thats why I ran out here. My mom is either asleep or outside smoking, she never pays attentionto me. All I have is my brother Jake. And my dad..., he died of terminal cancer when I was 6. I'm 15 now and Anthony and Julie let me come with them anywhere. Greg, I can't talk about this anymore, just go," you weep. You sit downn on Greg's shoulder. "Come here," Greg says reasurringly. You face him, wiping your tears. He leans in, kissing you. It felt like absolute magic. "I'm in love with you," Greg says.
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