If You Follow a Rabbit part 6

Hello, Part 6 is officially out! Yay! I would like it very much if you guys would please, please, comment, rate and tell your friends about it! I could also use some feedback!

Sorry this took so long, I had writer's block. But anyway, please tell me which mythical creature you want to be. I had to narrow it down for you by giving you water and fire. What are your choices now?

Created by: KissmeI'mIrish

  1. I couldn't breathe, I tried to get to the surface, but it felt like I was being pushed down. It sounded like people were screaming my name from above the water, but that was impossible, because the only other person there was Abelie.
  2. It couldn't be Abelie, because she also was underwater, I could see her. Wait a second, I could see her? I know many people can see underwater, but I could see clearly and...... wait, am I breathing?? I could breathe underwater! I don't know what happened next. All of the sudden, I couldn't breathe anymore, and my vision went black. When I woke up, I was in some sort of nurse room, and I saw Abelie, Nair, Cedric, and Ruari looking at me. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" asked Nair. I nodded uncertainly, not being able to speak. "Anairir, she can't speak," said Abelie, as if it was so obvious. I must of looked confused, because Ruari laughed and said, "_____, the nurse gave you a tongue numbing medication. One, because you were screaming and she thought you would stop. And two, because you kept biting your tongue and really looked painful."
  3. Just then a nurse popped up, and announced that my medication would wear off soon.
  4. "Excuse me," said Abelie to the nurse, "does this mean she can resume training." "I don't see why not," the nurse replied. Abelie broke into a huge smile at this and started babbling about all the fun things we'll be doing and such. I felt my tongue regaining feeling and said, "What happened?" Cedric looked uneasy and said, "Well, the thing is, _____, we aren't really sure." "All I remember is you trying to move the water, and failing. you closed your eyes and tried again. It didn't seem to be working, so I turned around to get my notebook. To, you know, observe your techniques," explained Abelie, "Next thing I know, I hear you gurgling, turn around, and I'm overwhelmed by a giant wave of water."
  5. "And then," she continued, "another trainer saw what was going on and screamed for help." That's where the screaming came from. "Well I'm sorry to have worried everyone, but I'm perfectly fine." I declared. Everyone smiled and walked with me back to Abelie's car. Me and Abelie got in and teleported back to the training field."Okay," she said, "try and move water again, but be careful and don't close your eyes." I smiled and nodded. I walked over to the pond and stood up straight. I tried moving it with just my hands, but it didn't work. I focused entirely on it, and started coaxing it. I whispered to it. Whispering in a tone that was so dripping with charm, it would make a mountain get up and move. Sure enough, the water started moving and gliding through the air. I started making shapes with it, beautiful swirly patterns, the alphabet, and basic things like circles and squares.
  6. "Amazing," shouted Abelie, breaking my concentration, "I've never seen anyone so good at their powers!" I smiled triumphantly, quite pleased. She pushed me towards the campfire. "Okay, now move that." I felt uneasy, this wouldn't be a piece of cake. I swallowed hard and tried to move it. I failed terribly and the fire seemed to cackle at me tauntingly. I ignored it and tried again. Same result and the fire cackled louder. I tried over and over, but the fire just got meaner and laughed louder. Suddenly I was just furious. "Stop," I said in a low threatening voice. The fire did not expect this, so it was taken slightly aback, but it hissed at me.
  7. I would not back down because of some hissing, I hissed right back at it, throwing threats. I did this many times, and the fire eventually backed down. Once I had taught it a lesson, I spoke to it with a commanding voice, like you would train a dog. It got easier and easier, and I could finally move it.
  8. "Wonderful!" exclaimed Abelie, "Absolutely wonderful! We'll do some more training tomorrow, but I think you've earned the rest of the night." I hadn't realized it had gotten so dark. But then again, training had started around 5:30.
  9. Abelie teleported us back to the hotel where Nair, Ruari, and Cedric were. Abelie told them all about the training session while I got a Pepsi form the vending machine. When I got back there was a look of wonder on their faces. "Wow," said Cedric, "I wonder what you are. I mean fire and water? And we don't even know if that's it. Of course there are more than just elements. Teleporting, shape-shifting, mind reading, invisibility, and that's not even half of them!"
  10. After we talked some more about how awesome I was, everyone left and I went up to my room. I threw on some pajamas and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up, and heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and who should I see? The Old Man!!!!!!!!!

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