Mystery Solvers 4

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Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Well if you chose the first one you live. If you chose the second one you die because your upstairs in our live in a two stories high house.
  2. Let's just say you chose the first one. You go down stairs. You look in the living room, he's not there. You look at one of your windows, it's breaken. Thank god he's gone.
  3. Then your phone rings. That's werid it's Unknown.
  4. Do you answer it? What happens if you do? What happens if you don't.
  5. Well you decide to answer. "Hello?" you say scaried out of your mine. "Do you remember me?" a voice says. "No" you say. "It's me, this will never end. I know where you are, Hunter!" the voice says.
  6. "Leave me alone!" you yell. "If i can't have you no one can!" the voice says. Then the line goes dead.
  7. Then your phone rings again.
  8. Oh thank god it's just alex.
  9. "Hey, i thought you where coming over my house." she says.
  10. "Yeah sorry i um fell asleep." you say. "Ok, so do you wanna come over to night?" Alex ask. "No i'll be fine." you say.
  11. "Are you sure?" she says. "Yeah i'll be fine." you say. "Ok bye." she says. "Bye" you say.
  12. You call Alex and tell her you wanna spend a night. What do you wear and what do you bring?
  13. Alex puts you up around about 9:00 pm.
  14. "You okay Hunter?" she says. "Yeah but...i think i know what happen to my parnets." you say with tears in your eyes. "You do?" she say. "They killed each other." you say.
  15. "Hunter I have to tell you sometime." she says.
  16. Fing out in Mystery Solvers 5.

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