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  • Claire has a strong relationship with her dad and loves him very much. She gets very emotional when someone brings up her mother or insults her dad.

    where previously lived: She used to live in Ireland

    how did the main character meet the new character: Meets her when she over hears her talking about the order of the phoenix, Claire uses this to her advantage by innocently asking why she knows about the order of the phoenix and to stop blabbing it to the school because she says Between you and me these idiots are smarter than they look. You start blabbing to everyone about the order of the phoenix; all youre going to get is an order of D.P.S that means Daily prophet syndrome. If youre confused just ask Harry Potter. He got a major case of D.P.S back when he swore he saw you know who come back. By the way, names Claire, Claire Dee Lune. Oh right who are you again?

    physical appearance: Claire has long auburn hair in a single braid. She has light blue eyes and a few freckles on her cheeks. She wears a light green blouse with a black shawl, and white skinny jeans with black boots. She doesnt wear any makeup and has black nail polish on her long finger nails. At a glance, she looks cute, yet dangerous. She also has a very slytherin vibe about her, mocking other people and calling them dumb for instance even though she doesnt know much about them.

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Extremely skilled at hexes and combat spells, is very good at braiding her long hair, is a very good con artist/ liar but she uses this skill for good not evil (most of the time)

    Extremely unskilled at: Listening to orders, taking care of mythical creatures, holding her tongue,

    good characteristics: Does the right thing, but in her own crafty ways. Also has a high embarrassment threshold (meaning she doesnt get embarrassed easily). Cares about people around her and will defend her friends to any means required, even putting her own life at risk. She knows when people are lying and when theyre telling the truth. When she sings, it puts other people at ease.

    Flaws: Is bossy and stubborn, can get EXTERMELY emotional if the right buttons are pushed, is a MAJOR flirt, at times shes selfish, doesnt know how to be nice to new people, always compares herself to other people which makes her secretly insecure and tries to point out other peoples flaws to make herself feel better.

    Mannerisms: crosses her arms a lot, rolls her eyes, and smirks at other peoples failures

    Peculiari ties: She knows lots of muggle and wizard songs and hymns. She has an irish accent. She owns a biography on the muggle band called The Beatles. If she sees a snake or rat she will freeze and hold her breath.

    short term goal/s: Learn how to perfect a potion to hypnotize people, get a new boyfriend

    long term goal/s: Destroy/humiliate all her enemies, control her dangerous werewolf side of her, become a famous singer.

    music: Shes heard every song in the world, and she loves them all

    hobbies: Singing, playing piano, braiding her hair, flirting

    type of background with family: She only has her father, her mother was a werewolf and died mysteriously in the woods in her creature form when Claire was seven. Claire misses her mother very much, and her father tries his best to make things right and will do anything to make Claire happy

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Full name of the character: Claire Dee Lune

    reason or meaning for the name: Based off of Claude Debussy's "Clair de lune" on piano (love that song)

    nickname: None, she likes her name

    race: Caucasian (white) (she is half werewolf)

    National ity: Irish
    age: 18
    eye colour: Light blue
    gender: Female
    is she a daredevil or cautious: Daredevil

    does she act the same when alone as when with someone else: No, when she is alone she's quiet and paranoid. When she's around other ppl she's very outspoken

    habits: playing piano and singing, saying whats on her mind, twirling her hair around her finger

    vices: She is very good at lying, nobody can tell her lies from her truths. However, she doesnt have a reputation for lying since everyone believes her. Is also quite selfish and sarcastic

    drinks: butter beer

    greatest strength: Shes very cunning, a natural slytherin. Unlike most, shes not evil, just crafty and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends.

    weakness: She hates being alone, hates anyone insulting her parents, hates the dark and (ironically) snakes and rats

    More at ease when: Shes with other people, when its daytime, and when she sings

    how do they feel about themselves: She hates turning into a werewolf, but she doesnt believe shes a monster. She thinks of herself as a skillful accomplice. Yet, shes very insecure about making friends and feels the need to point out other peoples flaws in hopes of looking better by comparison.

    optimist or pessimist and why: Pessimist, when things dont go her way she usually finds a way to get revenge

    motives: She doesnt like losing, and she hates stupidity. Which is why she prefers to be on the good side.

    talents: Is a good singer, loves the sound of her own voice. Has a knack for getting what she wants when she wants.

    skilled at: Comebacks, her tongue is sharper than a sword Oh thats so a

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • My entry:
    Full name of the character: Sherissa Apelton

    reason or meaning for the name: reason is that Sherissa is the name of one of my role models and Apelton sounds like Apollo

    nickname: Rissa
    race: Asian
    age: 15 (same as Violet)

    eye colour: purple (reason: she has incredible powers: telepathy, able to move objects and go back in time)

    Gender: female
    a daredevil or cautious: daredevil

    act the same when alone as when with someone else: yes

    habits: biting her bottom lip, throwing bottles at her friends, reading, nerd.

    Vices: suicidal when emotional and can be dangerous to be around when angry because she can cause destruction

    Drinks : Monster (it keeps her calm when shes angry) and water

    greatest strength: fighting
    weakness: her brother
    More at ease when: flying at a great speed.

    Priorities: She wants to finish off Voldermort, once and for all.

    how do they feel about themselves: Shes vain most of the time

    optimist or pessimist and why: optimist

    Motives: She wants to become historical, like Dumbledore.

    Talents: Herbology, Transformations, Metamorpmagus

    skilled at: Looking for the smallest clues, being like Sherlock Holmes

    Extremely unskilled at: keeping secrets

    good characteristics: fun, loving, kind, vain, happy.

    Flaws: has a habit of hating people for no reason.

    Mannerisms: (dont understand this question)
    Peculiar ities: walks like a dude, tom-boy
    short term goal/s: acing DADA
    long term goal/s: Be historical
    music: The Weird Sisters

    hobbies: Reading, playing in the snow, drinking monsters, fighting bad guys, eating, exercising, swimming, talking Mermish

    type of background with family: Family is dead. Lives with her brother Triston who is nine years old

    where previously lived: Chicago
    how did the mai

  • Songs to describe her (I just wanted to add this for fun): "Rock this world" Hilary Duff, "Keeps gettin' better" Christina Aguilera, "Born to be wild" Steppenwolf, "Freak the freak out" Victoria Justice, "What the hell" Avril Lavgine, "Been there done that" Smoke 2 Seven, "Get in line" Kesha (and no, I don't spell it with a dollar sign)

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Hiya! Have you checked your emails? Please do and I'd like to add to the hobbies reading, practicing spells, secretly enlarging Draco Malfoys nose and potions

  • I will definitely enter! :3 no need for the thank you, Aria, but thank you for that thank you. It's nice to see you back in your sugary mood :)

  • WOAH!! I will DEFINITELY submit a character, if I can find enough time to get my brain in order! (Sorry- 9th grade is time consuming!!!) It sounds fun- I'll give it a shot!!

  • That seems fun, I will enter :D Try out my new quiz

    "Case 1: The Boy on the Ledge". You can find it on my page: Jinx_TheSleuth

    Can 't wait to read your new quiz :)

  • I guess I had the word limit, her hair can change anytime though because she's a metamorphmagus.

  • @Calypso1315- You're in ninth grade?

  • @xxblutixx- cool! (: I'll be looking forward to your entry ! (: Your welcome and you deserved the thank you (:

  • @Glambition21- Thank you for the entry and I wish you luck ! (:

  • @Jinx_TheSleuth- I checked out your quiz, it was fabuLOUIS (: xD


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