My Way or The Highway Pt. 1

Christine Rhodes never had a 'normal' childhood. Her dad was a billionare investor. Imagine what happens when she goes to highschool!

I love Doctor Who btw. No, I am not british...................................................................................... .

Created by: mythgirl61

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  1. Heres the deal, my name is Christy Rhodes. I'm sixteen and have a billionare for a dad. Up until now, I've been homeschooled with a private tutor- that is, until I threw a fit and they quit. (wasn't the first tutor to go...) Now, my dad Roger Rhodes is making me go to high school. Horrible right? Exactly, but everythings always been my way. A silly tutor quiting won't change that. Ever.
  2. 'BEEP!!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!!' My alarm clock went off, natural instinct was to throw my pillow at it- it was NOT my alarm clock. "Get your lazy butt up, Christine!" My annoying brother, Toby whined from the door way. "You'll be late for school!" I threw another pillow at him and got up and shut the door. "I can't believe Dad is going through with this..." I mutter to myself. I open my closet, pushing aside my exquisite gowns looking for 'simple' clothes. I settle for my pink floral shirt and black layered skirt. Then I put on my biker style jacket that has a tiara embellishment on the back.
  3. I walk into our extremely modern kitchen and grab a banana from the marble island in the center. "Don't you want an actual breakfast?" Our chef, Rosie asks, "I made strawberry waffles and everything!" I smile as she makes a fake pouty face. Rosie is just barely an adult, only twenty-two, but shes the sweetest person I know. "I'll have one." I answer. Although we both know that one leads to seconds. Strawberry waffles are my absolute favorite. I sit at the dining table with my dad, whose nose is burried in the paper, and my mom, whose nose is burried in Twilight. Toby must be upstairs bugging his nanny. "Morning!" I say, unnaturally cheery. "Mornin'" They both murmur. The rest of the breakfast is in silence.
  4. After breakfast, I grab my bag and head out the door. Rather then walking though, I head to the garage and get out a hot pink motorbike. Not a motorcycle, more like a wannabe. I get on and drive away. (Our little secret, Mom doesn't know I have it...) I get to the highschool and gasp. It wasn't what I thought it'd be at all. "Hi there." A boy with dirty-blonde hair appears next to my bike, smiling. I smile and take off my helmrt. "Uh... hi." He laughs. "Your Christine Rhodes, right?" He asks. "Thats me. But call me Christy." I answer. "Well, I'm Jay Smith. Welcome to Troy High." He gestures to the large red building we're in front of. "I'm supposed to be your guide for the day." He says. "Well, that nice and all but I can get around on my own." He laughs. "Yeah sure. See you in a few." He walks away.
  5. Thats all for now, so lets make some announcements.
  6. There will be more guys, I'm thinking of having at least him and two more.
  7. Also quick note about Christy, her mom and dad are usually away for buisiness. (Think 'Jessie', less fun.) They never spend time with her though.
  8. Theres going to be a contest. Best description of Christy (physical and personality) can have the winner have their own character be her best friend and have that description of Christy. Just leave the description and your character in the comments. I'll incorporate the character in Pt. 2!
  9. Tardis
  10. Ta ta for now!

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