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  • I think that we're somehow similar. About that dying part, I suggest you to wonder a little. There might be someone who loves you, but you didn't notice. But it can make things even worse, too (I know something about how it ends... I wonder how As2O3 tastes like...)

    Another advice: you can draw (or find on internet) a picture you can call "I want to look like this" and look in a mirror and then see what you can do about it. Maybe it will help with hating yourself. (This advice helps, just don't think "how ugly I am" when you look in that mirror)

    And when you think "what others will think about me?", remember: nobody's perfect. If they laugh at you, it means they are too stupid to see it hurts you. And if they WANT to hurt you, it means they are even more stupid. Most of us (humans) can't learn anything before it's too late. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

    So, these are my advices. For me - it worked, but not so long. It's because REALLY nobody cares about me, and I see it. I hope there still is a hope for you. But remember: be yourself. Don't change because of ANYBODY or ANYTHING, no matter what they say. Because of your secrets, I guess you can understand what I want to tell you. Even the most worthless creature in the whole universe means more than a perfect person who does everything to be what 'perfect' is. See you in heaven, my friend. You deserved to get there.

  • This may sound weird, but...

    This is my first time posting a comment and trying to create an account, not just because I really like quizzes and knowing myself better, but because I want to befriend you and stop you from dying. :(

    (I'm not sure if I can come up with a quiz myself or not though.)

    Please don't die... T_T I know I don't know you but... I just don't like the idea of someone being sad and depressed and just ending their life, especially if there was something I could do about it. :(

    If you want to add me on Facebook or something, it's Matthew Stephen Hyder.

    Finally, I'd have to say these secrets are pretty normal actually. :) I think a lot introverts or whatever feel this way. I mean, I feel this way sometimes, and I definitely felt it a lot when I was in high school...

    So there's no need to feel weird or anything, it's fine. :)

  • i'm kinda similar to you in some ways. i'm not afraid of spiders, they are freaky creatures. i also hate b----y people and i'm shy. i used to hate myself, used to be desperate to fit in, used to wish i was dead. i don't anymore, i embraced my life. but please, don't think about dying. it leads you to make a stupid mistake. life gets hard, but we got to live with it. learn to love yourself, respect yourself for who you are and how you are. death is never an option.

  • These are my secrets so plz respect me....


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