My second shoutout quiz!

So, on my first shoutout quiz, I painfully realized that I missed a ton of people that deserved to be on there. So I decided to make another one to include everyone I missed (or at least the ones I could think of).

So you know the shots, just take it, and please leave a comment but you don't need to bother rating it unless you seriously want to. I honestly don't know why I waste my time writing these paragraphs.

Created by: Hiccstrid

  1. First is Misty! I've only known you for a little while but you seem like a nice person.
  2. Next is Fluffy! I don't talk to you very often but you are nice as well.
  3. Next is Dead End, formerly known as Hide and Seek. I've talked to you quite a bit and I like you.
  4. Next is Putz! You're very nice Putz and very friendly. Just like cats are.
  5. Next is Cale! I have not talked to you very often at all but you are nice to me every time I do.
  6. Next is Cale! I have not talked to you very often at all but you are nice to me every time I do.
  7. Next is HelenaGirl! You're very kind and I love your pugs!
  8. Next is iloveplanes! I don't talk to you much but you are also nice.
  9. Next is DrowndInDarkness! I've talked to you some and, well you were homeschooled, and you also are nice.
  10. Next is Percie! You are a very, very nice person to talk to and you're so kind.
  11. Next is Eli! I've talked to you a lot, and you've been through so much yet you still talk to me...well you deserve a shoutout!
  12. Next is SG! You talk to me a lot and I like how you respect the movies I like. Dumb reason to like you, but hey it counts.
  13. Next is Br0wnie! You have absolutely no reason to like me, but you still do and I appreciate it! Thank you for being so kind.
  14. Next is Samntha! I don't really know you at all but you talk to me and you have a heart of compassion. Thanks!
  15. Next is Kat! I have talked to you quite a bit and I like you a lot.
  16. Next is Care! We share a common love for Jozy and you are very kind as well. *throws a pillow at you*
  17. Next is Alex! You talk to me so much, and you seem so mature even if you didn't used to be. And you're just so nice to me all the time.
  18. Okay. Before I let out the grand finale, I have a few honorable mentions as well. They are: Dark, Heph, Dragon Ember, Ronnie, Zane, Cap, Ann, 1714, RedRose, Emerald, and Lightine. You know who you are.
  19. And finally is d_h! You are just as immature as I am, and you think I'm awesome, which definitely deserves a shoutout, don't you think?
  20. So that's all for now! If I missed you again, complain in the comments and I'll do something about it. See ya later!

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