My playlist 2016

hi im saara this is my song playlist of twenty sixteen. enjoy and comment some of ur faves too im curious also have fun or not i don't know how this will turn out bro

I decided to use the old format because i forgot what it looks like so dont say to the mods this quiz has an old style its a glitch aaah help lolatrol

Created by: Panda_Girl13

  1. One Dance- Drake
  2. Controlla - Drake
  3. Work- Rihanna, Drake
  4. DNCE- Cake by the Ocean
  5. Justin Bieber - Company
  6. Lush Life -Zara Larsson
  7. Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande
  8. Walk the moon- stfu and dance XP Yes, I deliberately did that.
  9. Too many more to list
  10. Done

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