My perfect boyfriend quiz

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Do u want to know who ure future boy friend is going to be like? Or what personality's they are going to have ? Take this quiz to find out ! 😄 There are 9 questions to answer

The results never wrong simply answer honestly with what u prefer and ure true boyfriend will be revealed. From shy to geek to popular to outgoing and of course the prankster there will be one for u !!

Created by: Jennifer
  1. How would u prefer to spend a friday night ?
  2. What's do u thinks most important
  3. Favourite food
  4. What would u prefer to do if u were at the shopping centre
  5. Describe ureself in three words
  6. Where would u want ure first date to be ?
  7. Favourite sport
  8. Which of these do u see as most important to make ure relationship lasts
  9. Favourite item
  10. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!what is your favourite subject at school

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