My official goodbye...for now (singin234)

I know no one is going to take this, you must not know me since I was left behind last year. This is my official goodbye...for now. I am sure I'll come here again

I know no one is going to take this, you must not know me since I was left behind last year. This is my official goodbye...for now. I am sure I'll come here again

Created by: singin234

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  1. I know no one is going to take this, you must not know me since I was left behind last year. This is my official goodbye...for now. I am sure I'll come here again, to write stories or I'll jut write from time to time. This is a place I won't forget and I am sure this isn't goodbye forever, not like anyone cares but for the people that may have known me. Or taken my quizzes at one point this is for you.
  2. I remember starting go to quiz years ago, before I went by singin234. I remember going though the newest quizzes reading them and having tons of fun. But it wasnt really the frist time I had found GTQ. I had found GTQ when I was little, I took a few quizzes and I forgot about it. But when I remembered and re-found go to quiz. Just imagen how happy I would of been. I used to make quizzes on here without the username singin234. They really sucked but one person liked them and others not so much. I went back and re-read them last year or the year before that. They really did suck. Then I made the name Singin234, I wasnt sure if I should though. It was the first time I hadn't asked my mum to do something. I used to have Moshi moenters, where I was meaning to write signin234 but ended it singin234 and I suck with it. So I started making quizzes. Dream Story was great. So many people took it, more than 200. Go to quiz was way different back then, it was my own get away. I hadn't realized I had been walking in a dream the whole time. After dream story I tried to start up again. After failing a few times I started another Finshed quiz. I can't Remeber the name but it's on my profile. Go to quiz was still great. After so many failes, I came to Goodbye... I have to say it was my best work. It wasn't even that good though. I use to read all the time. I was dying to write every day. Life outside GTQ might not have been good but I still was living in that dream.
  3. I met so many people a long the way. Aria, a kind person we all know. Miss Prissy Cat, she helped me so much though goodbye. I would live for her comments! Everytime she commented I would feel so happy. She is an amazing writer herself. Bunny (she will know who she is hopefully) I lived for her comments too. Also an azming writer!! I talked to her a bit, she is soooooo smart! I swear! :) I met so many other people TRB awesome writer! Even people I didnt know I loved there writing example- Dannica. I met so many other wonderful people and bad kind of people. But they helped me lern lot. Somewhere between the near end of Goodbye... And bulling. My dream shartted, leaving me as empty as I was outside of GTQ. I know some people miss the old GTQ. But we had to wake up, or we are going to miss the rest of out lives. I know GTQ will never be the same as it was before and I don't want it to be. I'll hold on to the wonderful memory forever. I won't be the same person k was back then, I have grown a lot as a person. I have a clear view of the world, the dream is over, shattered. At some point we have to wake up. Some sooner, some later. Someone once told me 'some people go though life asleep, not really noticing what's there' that's not it word to word but it was the point. You may not want to wake up from this dream, but you have to or you will never be able to move on. To grow or to notice the world.
  4. I really to miss the old times. I just smile remembering, I must sound old. I think I have been here since 2010 or 2009 and I came Singin234 in 2011. Its been so long, it's 2013 and I am just leaving but I might still write. Time does fly
  5. I told you before about how I was having a hard time outside go to quiz. (2011 & 2012) it was horriable. I won't lie. I slpet around, drepressed, listening to music, riding around of motorbikes drangously, not feeling happy. Getting bullied and the other kids at school didn't notice. Getting picked on. It was hell but I know people have gone though worst. But everything happens for a reason. Though I was depressed and everything I jut told you. I am glad that it happened. It helped me grow. I have moved on as well, leaving it in the past. The bully that bullied me, I talk to her sometimes. Hardly though, I am nice to her. She must of been going though a tough time. Though she wasn't my only bully, the other one was my best friend in 2011. I dont talk to her. Anyway 2013, I have started high school. I had waited for it for a long time. It's great. I made new feie da and I have found out there are a lot of people who are not as nice as they seem. (though everyone still likes them) I have three close friends, one I went on the day where you look at the school and have hlaf a day of high school kinda. I sat with her, we didn't talk much and I really didnt talk to her again until the camp. Then I met one girl on the first day, she was crying. Het mum left her, my mum is a super kind Person (I know I think that but everyone says it) my mum saved her and I looked after her. Though we have no classes together!! The last one I met on the camp. We were in cabins, in out house groups but I was sharing with some girls from another house. That's when I met her, she talks a lot! We didn't talk one-on-one but somehow we came quite close and the funny thing was I had no idea what she looked like! We were in the drakness, then someone switched on the light and I found out who she was. My life is pretty good, I have embrassed myself but it's all apart of life. I know there will be bad times to but I plan to enjoy it while I can!!!
  6. I know you didn't need to know that I just ended up typing it. I am not gone forever and I know a Lot of you don't care. But I owe it to say goodbye. I won't be surprised if no one comments, I'll say that. But I will be dissapionted. I don't know many people here now. In the past I knew a few people and I went on forums alot too! I still remember there user names and I was teased as a newbie. We all get it, it wasn't bad though. It's a way of saying welcome. But me being younger then all of them I got so nervous. I swear I shook. :)
  7. I been told my writin isn't good as it use to be. So when it gets better, I'll come back and I am going to write amazing stories for you all! XD!! just wait for me okay! I doubt you will, just watch out for I AM BACK! (singin234)!! or something like that XD!
  8. I have really enjoyed meeting people, learning, growing, writing. I don't regret anything, even my mistakes. Me feeling like a dork. No I don't regret a thing, nothing at all. Everything happens for a reason and lern form experience. :) writing what u just wrote. This quiz, is really hard. It feels like I am leaving, I kind of am but I'll be back. I am sure I'll ask you guys for adivce!! I am soooooo going to need adivce!! :) I'll miss everyone, even the people I don't know. I know you might be thinking 'if you is going o be back and she might do a quiz time to time. Why is she writing this?' well I have distactted, I knew a awhile ago. I am not really a part of go to quiz anymore. I might be still on but I might not get the chance to write a goodbye. So many people have left and I never got to say goodbye. The people in my past I will Remember. This isn't really a goodbye. More of 'I'll see (in our case hear) you again, we will cross paths hopefully but if we don't this is my goodbye to you' I
  9. I really hope all of you live happy lives, remember you will make it though the hard times. Just hang on and you will get though the drakness and you can dance in the light. Shine brightly, be kind. Love everything you have and don't envy anyone else. You are who you are, you have so much talent inside you. You can be whoever you want, don't let people push you around. Someone might tell you 'you will end up working at a supermarket For the rest of your life' you choose your own path. They dont. You can do anything, if you fail and fail get back up. I hope your futures are filled with happiness, there are going to be hard times but I. The long run I hope you are happy :)
  10. Thank you, GTQ, everyone. I am not gone forever, I'll post a bit and ask for adivce and when I am a better writer. I'll write amazing stories for everyone! If I come back and I sure I will!! 'Ill see you again soon, we will cross paths again and if we don't. This is my goodbye to you'

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