My 2nd Shoutout Quiz ~Ashl3y's

Well this is just a shoutout quiz. There is not much to not understand. So yeah, take it. See if you're there and enjoy I guess.... Peace and love to everyone!!

Well I love all you guys you are all awesome and yeah. You're awesome and epic. And that's all I can think of saying. Thank you for taking my quiz!!!! Peace and Love to eeveryone!!

Created by: Ashl3y

  1. First off, Zilla. I don't really know and we haven't really talked at all. you but you seem really cool and all and maybe we could be friends:)
  2. Next is Deanna or, DCgirl. You're such a great friend. You are so understanding and I don't know.. You're just awesome and an awesome friend. :)
  3. Now, Dark22978. We don't really talk to to much but from the times that we did. I learned that you are such a cool person, and maybe we could talk more sometime:)
  4. April. Oh April, Aka- Likeaboss. She really is someone who is like a boss. You are so awesome and an amazing friend. I hope things get better for you but right now all I can do is give you a virtual hug. *hugs April*
  5. dragon ember is next. I haven't really talked to you either. But from what I've heard, you are an awesome friend and you seem like someone who would stick up for their friends. Maybe we could talk more to. :)
  6. Zane Is Here. We have only talked only like twice. But from those two times, I learned that you were really awesome. I've heard that you are an awesome soaper and stuff so yeah.. :)
  7. LightningTread. I don't really know you either.. But You seem cool. I'd really like to talk some time. :)
  8. Ok now. AllHailLelouch. We just became friends and you are already an awesome one!!! :) I bet we're gonna be awesome friends. :)
  9. Now, like always- Aria. She is just amazing. That is all I can say. YOU ARE AMAZING, GIRL!!
  10. WTF_NINJA, Maria.. YOU ARE EPIC!!! You are like my big sister because.. you'd make a bigger sister than mine.. Just kidding.. But you are awesome! You're funny, caring, and just epic!
  11. DaughterOfApollo, Meg. You are an awesome friend, I feel I can tell you everything an you'd know whether to say something and not to. You are just epic to!
  12. Another friend- Cori, Sports19, You are just awesome.. I feel so luckyful that we are friends. You are funny, and just plain awesome!
  13. One more. Mike of Hyrule/ Zelda Fanatic. You are an awesome friend and you always know how to help me with my problems and you are an epic soaper. So yeah, You're AWESOME!!!
  14. Well that's all I got! Bye People!!

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