most hated celebs test

if you hate certain cebreties like brittany spears and some crappy disney crap this is the best quiz for you to hate them! but if you like them get out now! cause you are warned! you will be sad if you enjoy brittany spears or disney cause its all hated here you are warned

this quiz your about to take is all about funny lies (or not) about hateful celebs and about the lies some of it are true and maybe you might learn a bit about them so enjoy!

Created by: uisdooshbag

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. hate sing a longs from crappy disney musics
  2. fat blonde manly woman eww?
  3. three boys that looks like as if there 45 yrs olds
  4. a redneck hillbilly who milk cow udders each day?
  5. what you hate?
  6. hate disney more than me?
  7. most hated
  8. who you hate most?
  9. you can find there clothes in...
  10. not offended are you?

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