Celebrities Questionarre

How well do you know your Celebs? This questionarre will show your scoringg How good are you at knowing your celebs????? Do you know everything about them or nothing at all?? Find out here here here

Are YOU a celeb genius??? How much do you know??? Do you ever wonder about celebs????? I know I do!!! Think hard and no cheating!! If that is possible. Enjoy the quiiizzz! :)

Created by: Renn
  1. What is Nick Jonas's middle name?
  2. Who did Brad Pitt cheat on?
  3. What show did Selena Gomez first guest star on?
  4. How did Taylor Laughtner manage to stay on the cast of New moon?
  5. What was Billy Ray Cyrus's hit that made him famous?
  6. What was the last movie Hillary Duff starred in?
  7. What was the song "kids of the future" by the Jonas Brothers origanlly called?
  8. Who was the first person Taylor Swift toured with?
  9. How old was Miley Cyrus when she first began her career on Hannah Montana?
  10. Emily Osments first starred in ______?
  11. How old is Tiffany Thorton currently?
  12. What is Ashley Tisdale's original hair color?

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