mlp fim song lyrics quiz!!

are you a true pegasister/brony like me?! take this awesome quiz to find out plz comment and rate! at the end of the quiz i will tell you if i am a brony or a pegasister! but only if you pass!

good luck! by the way, I am disapoint is my little inside joke do not own rights to it or my little pony friendship is magic! the hub does! okay? good! now its quiz time! yay! good luck peoples!

Created by: pony

  1. this day has been just perfect,the kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small every pony I'll soon control every:
  2. ............... let's finish our holiday cheer!
  3. I bet you bronies and pega sisters are saying how easy! ready for it to get hard?
  4. my mind is heart is pure!
  5. it says that they liked..... they flew a flag of...
  6. but this ones too .... this ones too ....
  7. and we will never stop the.... not until we .....!
  8. your a cranky doodle donkey guy a cranky doodle donkey but your my....
  9. the.... lives in our hearts
  10. are you a brony/pegasister?
  11. who voiced princess cadence?
  12. who is the mare in the moon?
  13. who is queen chrysalis?
  14. last question what would happen if you let apple bloom make cupcakes?

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