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Can you match the Linkin Park song to the lyrics? If so then give it a shot. If you get 100% on your first try, then I will send a magical leplurodon to you to bring you to candy mountion :^D

*HiNt* one of the song lyrics isnt really a song by Linkin Park. It is one that they sang in (Features them) But the words are the ones that Chester sings. (FYI Chesters the lead singer :^P

Created by: Wolfeyes77

  1. I played that soldier You played king And struck me down when I kissed that ring You lost that right to hold that crown I built you up but you let me down
  2. Put to rest of what you thought of me while I clean this slate with the hands of uncertenty. So let mercy come and wash away
  3. A little peace of paper with a picture drawn. Floats on down the stream till the wind is gone
  4. All this time I couldnt believe I couldnt see. Kept in the dark but you were there infront of me
  5. Im becoming this all I want to do Is to be more like me and less like you
  6. And now for a lesson in rhythem mangement Lets begin
  7. And cards and flowers on the window. Your friends all pleed for you to stay. Sometimes beginings arnt so simple. Sometimesgood bye is the only way
  8. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. And dont resent me when our feeling empty keep me in your memory and leave out all the rest
  9. Its true the way I feel whts promised in your voice. The sound of your voice painted on my memories
  10. I found the answers arnt so clear. Wish I could find a way to disappear. All these thoughts they make no sence
  11. Mamma help me ive been cursed. Death is rolling in on every verse.
  12. Things arnt the way they were before. You wouldnt even reconize me anymore
  13. So give me a reason to prove me wrong. To wash this memory clean

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