Do You Know Linkin Park?

This is a quiz of Linkin Park.Linkin Park is a band it was heard in the 90's.Linkin Park is a mixture of genres depending on what song it is.It has a few song on guitar hero.Linkin Park had a few members who left but the band is still a hit now.I recemend hearing them they have many reasons and feelings put into thier songs hope you enjoy!

This quiz will let you know if your a true fan of linkin park fan or not.Many people don't know linkin park that well and this quiz will let you know.You should be proud of you result and if not well maybe if you take it agian you could get the results and if not thats okay just keep being a FAN!

Created by: sweet
  1. “One thing I don't know why it doesn't even matter how hard you try keep that in mind.” Now name the song......
  2. “Crawling in my skin these bruises will not heal fear is how....... [continue the rest of the song]
  3. In what year did IN THE END the song come out?
  4. What music genre does linkin park compose?
  5. Where did linkin park originally got together?
  6. How does the linkin park logo look like?
  7. What song is in Guitar Hero?
  8. Is Burn it Down a...
  9. In what year was linkin park formed?
  10. In 2003 MTV2 named Linkin Park the 6th greatest....

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Linkin Park?