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  • This is very bad.

    1. Not much effort, especially in spelling and stuff...

    2. Zombies do not choke a person. They eat him. And helllooo? He is supposed to be a well-seasoned soldier, surrounded by weapons. He can't take zombies on while some random normal guy can't??

    3. We didn't have much choice in answers, did we? Whatever we said didn't affect the story at all.

    4. 'Learn the zombie knowledge?' No where in the title did it say 'How Zombie-Smart Are You'. And it most certainly was not a 'Will You Survive A Zombie Invasion.'; we make it out alive no matter the fact that we may have chosen specifically suicidal answers. Nor was it a story quiz. You gave the wrong impression. What type is it? Oh... I know. Lame.

  • 74% you are winner74%

    you need just little knowledge of zombies and weapons tactics so learn the zombie KNOWLEDGE OK? FINE?


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