Minecraft Quiz

You are starting your first steps to becoming a Minecraft expert. Beginners, take this quiz to test your knowledge. Novices and higher, this quiz is not for you.

Thank you for taking the quiz! I really try my best in order to make these so that they're not boring. If they are, I am deeply sorry and will try to make better tests.

Created by: Kiblum
  1. Hello! Okay, first question. Who is the creator of Minecraft?
  2. What is the rarest mineral?
  3. What is the strongest mineral? (This is easy if you know a lot!)
  4. How do you craft an enderchest?
  5. What level is diamond found at?
  6. Can pigmen enter the Overworld through a nether portal?
  7. Can wolves enter the nether?
  8. How much of the hunger bar does bread restore?
  9. What do you need to craft TNT?
  10. How do you make a chest?

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