Minecraft are you a pro or noob 2

Hope you like i worked hard on this took me a while to think of all the questions i added so if you want me to make a 3rd please comment so hope you like

I will also make a zombie survival quiz so hope you try the zombie survival quiz out when i male it who knows could be the day i made this could be a couple days after

Created by: yonotcool8

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  1. What do creepers do?
  2. Witch sword is better stone or gold?
  3. What do you do in pvp
  4. What do you need to mine diamond
  5. If you were to find diamond but it was across lava how would you get to it
  6. Who is Israphel
  7. What are you defealt walking/running keys
  8. Who created minecraft
  9. What does it say in every update
  10. What is the latest update September 2013

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Quiz topic: Minecraft am I a pro or noob 2