Midnight Love (Part 5)

(Don't have to read) Finally I fight when I lose control inside my body crumbles lips like therapy for my broken soul inside my body crumbles. By: Dry Cell

Hello GTQ readers my name is Beautiful Games and this is my series Midnight Love if you haven't taken the other parts please click my name and do okay bye. Enjoy :]

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. "Chris are you up?" I whispered to see if he was up. "What happen, where am I, who am I?" Chris said while getting up. "Hello Sexy." Chris said with a smirk. "Oh shut..." I couldn't even say the rest his soft pink lips touched mine and there was nothing to stop us now at all. It gave me butterflies in my stomach & I felt sparks happening. We fell side ways on the bed and Chris was on top of my body now. He was so sexy & passionate about the kiss I had to stop it we needed air now bad.
  2. We were both panting when I stopped it. His eyes were a different color they were sky blue and so beautiful to stare at. "Chris how did you get in here?" I asked after catching my breath back & so did he. "Well I was thinking of you so I read your thoughts & all I heard was go to bed now." "So since you were sleeping I thought I would teleport here & since I saw you sleeping as a human I was tried too & joined you." Chris said. "Well lets go back to bed." I said rolling us to the left so I was on top now.
  3. I slide down so I grapped the covers & had my hands under my face on top of Chris's chest. "Please stay?" I asked in a pityful voice looking at him. "Okay fine I will stop twisting my arm." Chris said sarcasticly. Then I put my head back on my hands & Chris was just holding me & I fell asleep so peacefully that night ever in my 171 years of living on this planet. I woke up to hear from my phone, "Welcome, welcome the time has come to select 1 couragous young man & women for the honor of representing..."
  4. "Yes Effie we know its the 74th Annul Hunger Games." I said before answering my phone. "Hello who is it?" I said. "Is this Than Grimm 1 of the last remainding Grimm?" This strange women said. "Who is this and how do you know that?" I said as I stood next to my bed getting up. "Well we know alot about you oh and you might want to check on your friend as well Than." She said. Then she hanged up and I heard silence after that. "Chris." I shouted "Chris were are?" I said a few times with no answer still.
  5. I went into my living room I felt a cold puttle of what I looked down it was a long trail of blood that led to a stake Chris. "Oh my god Chris." "No no Chris you can't die on me I need you". I said as I ran to his side covered in his blood. He was not dead but staked on his right side. I pulled out the piece of wood and turned into a vampire. I bite my wrist and squeezed my blood on his wound it healed up in lease then a minute when I did that and also my wrist. I toke of his bloody shirt so I could wash it his abs were perfect still after this. I wanted to touch it but just got up and dragged Chris to the left so I could clean his blood of my floor.
  6. I grapped my vaccum cleaner and it sucked up his blood and I drained it down the sink. Then I toke his pants off since some of it has blood on it from the attack I put his shirt and pants in my washer and dragged Chris to my bed he was a bit heavy but I could still carry him. I put him on my bed and then teleported to a Walmart to get some clothes for Chris. I picked a Van Halen shirt that looked his size with black denim jeans a black belt and black boots. I paid $60 for it then ran to the back of Walmart and teleported home his clothes must have finish since I didn't hear the washer. I put his stuff in the dryer and went in my room to see Chris still on my bed almost fully naked and he looked so sexy damn vampires and there hotness it just in our race I guess.
  7. I sat on my bed and stare at Chris he looked so beautiful and gorgeus I must dress him or I won't stop staring. I then toke the tags of all the items. I got and put on Chris shirt on him then put his pants on half way to see if his shoes fit they did and I put them both feet it toke forever getting his pants up his waist. I button the jeans and I felt awkward about the whole idea zipping his pants there so I just did it in a flash to hear my beep from my dryer. "I hope you wake up soon Chris." I said out loud. My dryer was yelling even louder at me for not going there sooner.
  8. I grapped his clothes and folded them and went into my room and put them on the edge of the dresser for him to take back whenever he get up. I desided to go back to bed since I have been running around all day. I grapped my copy of Beautiful Redemption to start reading it when I felts a light touch on my neck it was nice when I looked to my right it was Chris. I threw the book on the floor and launched at Chris he looked so happy to see me. "Chris don't ever scare the crap out of me like that again okay." I said. "Its not like I wanted it to happen on purpose and what am I wearing?" Chris questioned in a shocked voice. "Well you had alot of blood on you so I toke a few layers of you and washed them for you and bought clothes thats all." I said in a dorable voice so he wouldn't tease me so much.
  9. "Oh did you see anything interesting about me?" Chris said with a sarcastic tone. "Oh yeah I was thinking that all vampire are just so beautiful naturally when I was looking at you." I said realising that it was a mistake. Then I heard Trina's ringtone Viva La Vida By: Coldplay. "Chris hand me my phone please?" I asked. He gave it to me and I answered "Hello."
  10. "Hey Than I was thinking about going to the club with you and Chris is it okay if I take you up on that offer?" Trina said. "Yeah if Chris wants to go?" I said. "Oh I do Trina party." Chris said. "I will explain later Trina and you were right I guess about earlier okay Happy." I said sarcasticly. "Yes I am and meet me at my house 6 sounds good?" Trina asked. "Perfect see you then." I said and hunged up.
  11. Cliffhanger?!??!?!?!?!
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