Midnight Love Character Description Quiz

Hey guys I desided to put this quiz out so you can look back and see everyone's description and what supernatural creature they are and there powers so Enjoy :]

Just a heads up remember there names mean something so it's meaning is in a () okay and Part 7 will out as soon as humanly possible for me okay and have fun. (READ ME)

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. Than Grimm: (Death) Favorite Color & only wears black. Human: Black Straight Long Hair, Grey Eyes, Pale Skin and Only Child. Vampire: Wavy Black Hair, Sea Blue Eyes and Pale Supernatural Powers: Speed, Strenght, Teleport, Mind-Control, Mind-Reader, and 2 more unknown. Relationship: N/A
  2. Trina: (Fire, full of Spirit) -Sister Trinana Human: Light Wavy Brown Hair, Emerald Green Eyes, and Pale. Ghost: Same Features Supernatural Powers: Freeze Time, Posess Bodies, Control Mist and Element of Fire. Relationship: Josiah
  3. Trinana: (Night Rain) -Sister Trina Human: Wavy Dark Brown Hair, Blue/Green Eyes, and Pale Skin Dark Angel: Same Features with Black Wings & Red Eyes Supernatural Powers:Fly, Strength, and can Control Element of Water Relationship: Rio
  4. Sitara: (Morning Star) Human: Red Hair Violet Eyes Peachy Skin Shape-Shifter: Change Apperance, Control Stars, and Telekinesis Relationship: Tariq
  5. Piyali: (Tree) -Witch Human: Curly Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Zircon Eyes, and Pale Skin Supernatural Powers: Cast Spells, Potions, Element Earth, and Speak to After Life Spirit Relationship: Ethan
  6. Chris (N/A) Human: Emo Style Hair & Sky Blue Eyes Pale Skin Vampire: Same Features just Blue/Grey Eyes and fangs Supernatural Powers:Speed, Strength, Mind-Reader, and Teleport Relationship: N/A
  7. Ethan: (Strong Firm) Human: Dark Brown Hair & Blue Eyes Light Tan Skin Ghost: Same Features Supernatural Powers: Strength, Control Mist, and Possess Bodies Relationship: Piyali
  8. Rio: (Constant River) Human: Brown Hair with Black Highlights & Emerald Green Eyes Light Tan Skin Shape-Shifter: Change Apperance, Element of Water, and Create Clones Relationship: Trinana
  9. Tariq: (Star Path) -Warlock Human: Dirty Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes, and Pale Skin Supernatural Powers: Cast Spells, Potions, Control Stars, and Talk to After Life Spirits Relationship: Sitara
  10. Josiah: (Fire of the Lord) - Has the Element of Fire only when Human Human: Red Short Hair, Baby Blue Eyes, and Pale Skin Wolf: Grey Skin with White Paws & Baby Blue Eyes Relationship: Trina
  11. Holler: (Caller of Death) Human: Red Eyes, White Spikey Blonde Hair & Pale Skin Vampire: Same Features just fangs Supernatural Powers: Speed, Strength, and Creature Colnes Relationship: N/A
  12. Mamoru: (Earth) -Warlock Human: Golden Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, and Tan Skin Supernatural Powers: Potion, Cast Spells, and Element of Earth Relationship: Bertina
  13. Bertina: (Bright Shinning) Human: Midnight Blue Hair with bangs, Yellow Eyes & Pale Skin Ghost: Same Features Supernatural Powers: Possess Bodies, Control Mist, and Control Light Relationship: Mamoru
  14. Willa: (Fierce Protector) Human: Dark Purple Short Hair to her shoulder, Orange Eyes, and Dark Chocalate Brown Skin Supernatural Powers: Super Strength as a Human Wolf: Black Fur with Orange Eyes and Paws Relationship: N/A

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