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There are many smart MJ fans out there in the world, wait no univers! would you like to see if you are one of them? an MJ fan is not a mean person and will not bail o nany of these questions!

do you want to be a true Michael Jackson fan!!!! well if you do take this test it will tell you the answer.. and ohh yeah there is one thats a bit out of the subject!

Created by: 21jumpstreet

  1. What is Michael Jacksons Middle name?
  2. What year was Michael born
  3. where did Michael grow up?
  4. how many Grammys did he win for "Thriller" album?
  5. What was his faverouite colour(s)?
  6. What year was Thriller released?
  7. Who was Michaels first child?
  8. What name was Micael known as to his family?
  9. What year did he die ?
  10. how many kids did michael have?
  11. am i the bigggest Michael Jackson fan?
  12. What is your fave mj song?
  13. how do you spell this?
  14. Was michael an abuser to children?
  15. How old was Michael when he did Thriiler video?

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