Michael Jackson lyrics quiz

There are many people that think they know Michael Jackson..They might! But they might not! If you want to find out.. I think you should take this quiz and im sure as soon as you finish you will know if you are a fan!

Are you smart? Do you have what it take to take this quiz? Now here you can see if you know Michael Jackson's lyrics,if you know him as well as you think you do.Take this quiz and you'll find out!

Created by: Kaitlyn Howard

  1. JAM: Nation to nation all the world must come together..
  2. REMEMBER THE TIME: Thosse sweets memories will always..
  3. HEAL THE WORLD: Though it's plain to see,this world is heavenly..
  4. BLACK OR WHITE:They print my message in the saturday sun,I had to tell them..
  5. GONE TOO SOON: Like a comet,blazing cross .....
  6. WHATS THE SONG:If you call out loud,will it get inside,through the heart of your surrenders to your alibis..
  7. WHATS THE SONG: But they told me,a man should be faithful,and walk when not able..
  8. WHATS THE SONG: Tell me what i have to do so you'll stay,should i get down on my knees and pray..
  9. WHATS THE SONG:I will give you anything,just make my dreams come true,oh baby you give me..
  10. WHATS THE SONG: DO what you wanna do,there aint no rules its up to you,so its time to come alive and party all night trough the night alright..

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