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Messages, and a prize! Well, nothing else to say. Bye! Got you! joking. But I have nothing else to say. How is your day or night or afternoon? Cool?!?

You may be a person that did this or a victim. But you may win a prize.Take it now. and I don'tt usually do this with the spaces. bye! Nevermind, I can't!

Created by: SunnyDay

  1. Thanks for looking! These are two important messages you NEED to hear. Ok?
  2. First, alot of you are copying my quizzes. It's not fair to me so I'd like you to stop. Ok? (Thanks if you didn't!)
  3. And second, alot of you are putting 'ads' on other quizzes. That is disrespectful and plain out rude. What if you made a cool new quiz, and I said "Hey! Check out my quiz (title here!) " Rude, huh? )Thanks if you didn't!)
  4. So, I have noticed my Prom Dress qu os going down the toilet, if you know what I mean.
  5. If ya put it in the toilet, ok. But DON'T flush. If it flushes, it's gone forever. Understand?
  6. Please take time and look at quizzes by me. I spend lots of me on those.
  7. Let fate decide.
  8. Pick the lucky number and you'll get a prize. Comment if you got 100% ONLY and do't lie about it.
  9. Ok, you picked. Right?
  10. Uhm...enjoy?
  11. ...

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