Men to Match the Hills Quiz

This quiz is for the short story "Men to Match the Hills". It is a short quiz, only being ten questions long, but I hope is thoroughly enjoyable. Have fun!

This quiz was created for a High School English 9 class, on the short story 'Men to Match the Hills'. It's a short quiz, but I hope that it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Created by: Peter Russo

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  1. Who is Moffit's employer?
  2. What is Moffit's profession?
  3. How did Moffit come to the attention of his target?
  4. Why does Moffit think he's up against something when his employer describes his target?
  5. What does Moffit's target do that disturbs Moffit?
  6. Who is Moffit's target?
  7. How does Moffit finally know that his target knew of him?
  8. True/False: Moffit's target was hit by Moffit's bullet(s).
  9. Where was Moffit's target hit?
  10. Which man dies at the end of the story?

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