Mega lorien legacies quiz

The lorien legacies books arent a common read novel, but if you had read them, and read them well, you should be able to at least get over a passing grade

Do you think you have what it takes? Was one of your legacies super-smarts? Then have fun taking this and all my other quizzes! This test is fairly confusing though

Created by: Mega quiz
  1. Who is the loric leader, or head elder?
  2. How many true loric garde members left lorien during the attack
  3. Which loric is evil
  4. Which mogadorian is good?
  5. How does i am number four start off
  6. How did setrakus ra diguise himself when six was captured
  7. Why was sams father taken by the mogs
  8. How does marina describe her name
  9. How did number 8 die
  10. What accent does henri have
  11. What does nine call his mog tracker
  12. What are the guardian loric called

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