Meet My Children~

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Meet my children. Yes I have children. They just have been very shy hehe! Cx they're adorable trust mwe! They're names are; Cinco, Kotana,and Levi!!!!

Dont be mean to them. BE NICE OR ELSE. Please treat them with care. Trust me they're like yandere chan, the will kill you. No lie xD but don't worry I'm the mother

Created by: CookieChan

  1. Haii
  2. So meet mah children; Cinco, Kotana, and Levi!
  3. Come on stop being shy gais cx Cinco: h-hai Levi: hello Kotana: ~tugs mummie's leg~ h-haii
  4. Okay so, Cinco introduce yourself. Cinco: o-okie, um i like playing wit dolls, and i am very playful hehe!
  5. Levi: haii im levy, i like fighting and playing mah Game Boy!
  6. Kotana: h-hello i like MLP and.. i like playing with our kitty Link ^^
  7. Welp time to go children. Cinco: nuuu Levi: but i wanna play. Kotana: ~holds mummie's hand~
  8. Say bye kids~ Cinco: baii Levi: bye bye Kotana: goodbye~
  9. Rate an comment pwease?
  10. Byee

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