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This quiz is simple there are 10 questions and u answer them as u go along. your cat will be chosen by the answers u choose. their r three cats u can be and u will find out at the end of the quiz.

All the cats that u can be are med cats and the quiz will end in a cliffhanger.Please comment and like and i hope u enjoy the quiz! u can also take some other quizes i have made like warrior cat roleplay (rp) and how much do u know about horses.ENJOY

Created by: Eleanor

  1. you are a medicine cat apprentice (btw during the quiz for medicine cat ill say med) the med birdsong is very old and soon will become an elder so you have to be med cat.
  2. Birdsong will be going with the elders soon and she wanted to test if u know everything.the first question is...what do u put on bleeding wounds?
  3. The second question is what is used to cure a belly ache?
  4. She asked u more questions and u past the test.She went to tell the leader Honeystar,Honeystar called the meeting and made u medicine cat.
  5. u have been medicine cat for a little over a moon and an apprentice walks up to u and asks if she can be ur apprentice.what do u say?
  6. u chose to go to the gathering and there was a fight.The leader of shadowclan wanted more territory and started arguing with the other leaders. what do u do?
  7. Then the shadowclan leader jumped onto Honeystripe and started attacking her. U jump up and start to fight Dawnstar the leader of shadowclan but he throws u off. U get back up and try to get Dawnstar of your leader.what do u do?
  8. when u get back to the leaders both leaders r on the ground. Dawnstar ripped off one of honeystars ear and he is laying on the ground shaking. their both losing a life what do u do?
  9. honeystar and dawnstar get up and back away from each other.All of the clans go home. U start to talk with honeystar and try to heal heru ask why he wanted to kill u and honeystar says " i told him that he would not take any of our territorys and that if he did he would end up in starclan." what do u say?
  10. Its the morning and u wake. u go to check on honeystar and get her a piece of fresh kill. u walk into the den and drop down the prey. u start to apply some cobweb on her wounds and then u both jump up. There were battle crys outside!CLIFFHANGER

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