Me in a Nutshell!



Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. MORNING No one can drag me out of bed. I pretend to be asleep until someone makes me laugh. Then I pretend to be asleep again.
  2. I finally come downstairs and when I'm done eating breakfast I go back upstairs and get on my computer.
  3. I stay in my room all day listening to DIAMANTE and doing a whole bunch of nonsense, sometimes talking to myself.
  4. AFTERNOON I eat lunch. Then I go back upstairs and am the first commenter on several new quizzes. I stay in my room either reading, drawing, or being online until someone comes upstairs and tells me to go outside.
  5. I go outside for a few minutes and go upstairs. Where I for some reason get into a really bad mood for 45 minutes and sass everyone who talks to me.
  6. EVENING I get out of my bad mood. I eat dinner and stay downstairs because if I go upstairs, its closer to bedtime.
  7. I stay downstairs as long as possible and annoy everyone by not knowing how to stop talking.
  8. Then I have to go upstairs and I do several things before bedtime. When I have to go to sleep, I end up staying awake and reading, lying awake for a while, and then falling asleep at midnight.
  9. Yes, that is actually me.
  10. BOI!!!!!

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