Maximum Ride: Very Easy

This is an easy quiz about Maximum Ride. If you read the books, you should have no problem with it! If you haven't then I suggest you should, but you can try if you want to! Who knows! Maybe you can get a good score!

Try and get 100%!! If you love Maximum Ride, this is the quiz for you!! You should have no trouble with this quiz, I made it really easy. I'll be making harder ones in the future. Come back and see soon!!

Created by: Nudge
  1. What is special about Max and her flock?
  2. Who does Max kiss?
  3. How many people are in the flock?
  4. Who is Nudge?
  5. Who is blind?
  6. What does Max think about Nudge?
  7. Where do max and her flock run away from?
  8. Who has a voice in their head?
  9. What is the talking dog's name?
  10. Who gets kidnapped in the first book?

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