How mutch do you know about Maximum ride?

there are many people who enjoy maximum ride, but only a few are really maximum ride freaks. This is the only way to truly find out if you are obsessed with max.

Are YOU a max ride freak? find out as you take this quiz. answer all the questions correctly, and I'll give you a major award. Peace corps, or something. Just Kidding. Bon voyage.

Created by: Zyepher
  1. What was the special name for the Wolf/Human recombinant DNA species?
  2. In what book is another Bird/Human mix mentioned?
  3. What was the special name Max gave to herself and the rest of her special group?
  4. Who was Max's second in command?
  5. Witch member of the flock is NOT 14 years old?
  6. Nudge is magnetic
  7. What special power does Angel have from the very begining?
  8. The Gasman is blind
  9. How did Max learn the name of a certain company called Itex?
  10. Why does Fang leave Max and take Iggy and the Gasman with him?

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Quiz topic: How mutch do I know about Maximum ride?