How well do you know Maximum Ride?

maximum ride is a book series [soon to be a movie in 2010!!!! yes, i'm serious!!!] and is extrememly popular in the circle of young guys and girls. it is action packed, funny and slightly romantic. but how much do you know about it?

can u stand up to my questions of DOOM??!! yeah, probably, but take the test anyways is not that hard but u might even learn something u didn't know before!!! keep reading maximum ride and SAVE THE BIRD-KIDS!!!!

Created by: Fang_girl

  1. Ok, here we go... What colours are Max's wings?
  2. What type of girls does Fang and Iggy like
  3. What is the title of the 5th and newest book?
  4. Which famous actor does the Author share his sir-name with?
  5. In the 3rd book, Who goes with Fang when the flock split up?
  6. What is "Dr. Stupendous's" real name?
  7. name Gasman's talents and abilities...
  8. Is there a manga of max ride?
  9. What appeared on the Erasers necks just before they died?
  10. How old are the flock, from youngest to oldest?
  11. Was this quiz good?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Maximum Ride?