maurauder era love story part4

Hello! Bookworm here again! I don't really know what to say, but just keep taking these quizzes to find out what happens! What song should I sing? Ideas?

Cheers to da freakin weekend, drink do dat! Yeah yeah! Oh let the Jameson sink in, drink to dat! Yeah yeah! Don't let the barstards gecha down, turn it around with another round, there's a party a the bar everybody put your glasses on and I'll drink to dat!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. Hey guys bookworm here again!
  2. So we left off were you got into bed and I foreshadowed that the end is coming! Nah, just kidding, but something is going to happen
  3. So let's continue with the story shall we?
  4. You woke up the next morning to someone shaking you. You opened your eyes and Marie was standing over you.
  5. "Wake up wake up wake up!" She shouted "what's going onnn!" You groaned. "It's Valentine's Day!" She said it was like the best thing in the world
  6. "And guess what? You've got heaps of secret admirers!" She placed 4 little boxes on you bed.
  7. "uhhh.." You didn't know what to say "what did you get?""Ohh, just a heart necklace." "Cool" you opened up you presents while Marie took a shower. The first one was from James. It was a little gold ring with,a little diamond in the centre.
  8. The next one was from Remus. The package was wrapped in brown paper tied up with string and was a bit bigger. It had a note."this was my favorate when I was young. Remus"
  9. You thought this was a great gift, as you had never really had the chance to read them so now you can. You put it on your bedside table and made a mental note to star it later and moved onto the next present; another small box, from snape.
  10. It was a bracelet. A beautiful one at that. It had a silver chain and had a big heart hanging from it with an emerald in it. You gasped. It looked really expensive.
  11. The one from Sirius was a lot bigger. It wasn't even wrapped but it had a string of ribbon. It was a cute little teddy bear holding a flower. It had a note that said "I know we are all to young for these but i thought it looked cute. You can just use it for aesthetic perposes only if you want. You put the...
  12. You headed down to the great hall for breakfast and sat down next to James. Then you realised that Remus wasn't there. " Where's Remus?" You asked "dunno" Sirius replied "he does this a lot, like every once a month." " does what every month?" "Disappears" "ohh..."
  13. After breakfast you had a free period, so you and the rest went down to the black lake. You were walking past the whomping willow, then you heard a shriek. You all stopped dead in your tracks. James went a little closer but you backed away "uhhh... Class will be starting soon" and you turned around and ran back to the castle. You didn't look back. You headed straight for divination.
  14. The other guys met you a bit after the bell sounded. The lesson dragged on as you couldn't take your mind off the shriek you all herd. The next lesson was herbology. You continued to plane mandrakes but you got in to trouble for digging the hole too deep as you weren't paying attention. When the lesson was over you rushed to the great Hall for lunch. Snape came over and said hi, but rushed off as soon as he saw the maurauders. They started gathering up food."come on we're going to see what that noise was" "do we have too? Oh why am I even asking, alright! I'm coming"
  15. You set off to the whomping willow. You herd James say that he knew how to get inside the tree;you just have to touch the knot that freezes it. When the tree started to go crazy Sirius found a long stick and started to poke all the knots until it just froze. You all cautiously started to walk inside it but stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the noise again. But James kept walking so you and Sirius followed you seemed like half an hour the you reached like a small hole in the surface. You help James push Sirius up through the hole and told you he was in some kind of room. Then you heard an earth shartering shriek from him " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "sirius!" You and James shouted. He jumped back through the hole and shouted "RETREAT!"

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